Unity and Diversity Interviews

Interview with Pastor Matt, Wayne Francis and John Siebeling about the book, "God and Race."

Interview with Pastor Matt, Reggie Dabbs and John Driver about the book, "Not So Black and White."

Interview with Pastor Matt and Miles McPherson from 2019 about the book, "The Third Option"

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July 14, 2021 - Virtual One Day

4 Challenges Facing the Post Pandemic Pastor
Matt Keller

Panel Discussion - Next Level Church Pastors and David Stocker Brave Church

4 Strategies to Walk to Your Jericho - Matt Keller His Feet, Our Answer - Sarah Keller

Regional One Day in Philadelphia, April 2021

Session 1- "Restarting Your Race"
Matt Keller

Session 3 - "Leadership in the Gap"
Brad Leach

Session 2 - "The Annointing of Our Lives"
Sarah Keller

Session 4 - "Stop Cursing Your Quirk"
Brad Leach, Leah Leach, Sarah Keller, Matt Keller, Ted Winsley, Dan Stauffer