Brotherhood Groups

Brotherhood groups are designed to build authentic relationships with other males who are lead pastors or co-leaders in similar seasons of growth and regions of North America; and as we grow, the world. Through online and in person gatherings, you will be known, loved and challenged personally as well as in your leadership. Each group consists of 8-12 pastors and is led by a lead pastor close to Pastor Matt's heart.

Sisterhood Groups

A relational group for the wife of a currently enrolled Brotherhood Pastor, or a female lead or co-lead pastor who is looking for deeper relationships within a community of other women, through online and in person gatherings.  This group is designed to build authentic relationships with other women, whether they lead, co-lead with their husband, serve in a specific ministry, are a stay-at-home mom, or employed outside the home. Sisterhood Groups consist of 8-10 women and are led by a Next Level Relational Network Leader.