Matt and Sarah Keller

Lead Pastors

Matt and Sarah Keller moved from the only home they ever knew in Indiana to Fort Myers, FL when they were in their early twenties. With a big dream in their heart, a small team and only $9200, they planted Next Level Church in 2002. Starting with 35 people in a movie theater, later moving to South Fort Myers High School, Next Level remained portable for nine years while consistently growing every year. After moving into their first permanent facility, God has used Pastor Matt and Pastor Sarah to lead the church from 35 people at its grand opening in 2002, to now over 3,000 people in three locations and a Dream Center.

The Keller’s have always had a heart to coach and train others. There has been a lot of learning along the way and they are continuing to take notes, so they can help others. Pastoring ministry leaders is just a part of their calling!  They want to help pastors and their teams grow and learn how to become better leaders in the body of Christ!  It can be a lonely road and the Keller’s desire is to come along side and assist ministry leaders by providing life-giving relationships, and ideas, concepts and principles that will help to take pastors and churches to the next level.

Our Team

D Stauffer

Dan Stauffer - Relational Network Pastor

Dan and his wife Stephanie planted Life Church Jersey in Randolph, NJ with ARC in 2008. They transitioned their church in February of 2016 and joined the Next Level Church staff. Dan has been serving on the Relational Network team since February of 2019.  Called to pastor and lead pastors, Dan ensures our current members are known, loved and challenged and that new leaders are being developed for the Relational Network to grow.


Kim Busse - Relational Network Administrator

Kim and her husband planted CityPlace Church in Lakeland, Florida in 2016 and were a part of the Relational Network as lead couples.  They transitioned their church in September of 2020 and came on staff at Next Level Church in October of 2020.  With a passion for systems and administration, Kim partners with the Network team to implement the vision and strategies of the Relational Network.

Brotherhood Group Leaders

Chris Lockemy

Bryan Lamoureux

Mark Rouse

Scott Hayes

Adam Petersen

Sean Jazdzyk

Moises Aguayo

Andrew Mclean

Andrew McLean

Shane Johnston

Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor

Matt Erikson

DAvid Stocker

David Stocker

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 10.32.07 AM

Josh Butcher

Sisterhood Group Leaders

Rebecca Petersen

Ashley Webb

Rachel Johnston

Carrie Erikson

Carrie Erikson

Ericka Hayes

Lori Lockemy

Rebecca Rouse

Rebecca Rouse

Renee Lamoureux

Renee Lamoureux

Leah Leach

Tara Jazdzyk

Dawn Winsley

Dawn Winsley


The Relational Network is a family of churches. We don’t ordain or govern churches. We simply provide relationships, support and resources for pastors and churches to be healthy and high-impact.

Our churches are both non-denominational and from denominations such as Assemblies of God, Baptist, Church of God, Methodist, Nazarene and more.  Pastors Matt and Sarah sit on the Lead Team of ARC (Association of Related Churches).  We have many pastors that planted their church as well as many that lead churches that have been around for generations.

The Relational Network is for lead pastor couples that desire to be known, loved and challenged. Many ministry leaders find themselves without friends and guidance from other pastors that are just a few steps ahead of them. The Relational Network is for those desiring real accountability personally and to be developed as a leader.

Yes, every male lead pastor in the Relational Network participates in a Brotherhood Group that meets online every month, as well as connects regularly through group messaging and 1 on 1 meetings with their leader. There are Sisterhood Groups available for the wives of pastors in Brotherhood.

The Relational Network is not a product to be purchased but a mission to participate in. Each Relational Network church is encouraged to give 1% of its income through its missions budget to make sure no other ministry couple is alone, clueless or hopeless.


The Relational Network is ministry partners with the ARC and the Weslyn Investment Foundation 

Map of Relational Network Churches